The Pan American Round Table was begun by Mrs. Florence Terry Griswold in 1916. Believing that women could develop and that men, with their involvement in commerce and politics, could not, she opened her home to refugees from the Mexican Revolution, and enlisted friends to aid them as well.

The first Pan American Round Table was founded by Florence Terry Griswold in 1916 in San Antonio, Texas.

See a video on Florence to learn more about this outstanding and compassionate woman.

Mrs. Griswold has been called a dreamer, a patriot, idealist, and realist. Indeed, she was all this and more. Might it be suggested that this woman was providentially prepared by her Maker to look down the corridor of time and visualize a continued need to, in her own words, “cement a close and everlasting friendship with the women of the Western Hemisphere.”

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The challenge was to create an atmosphere of peace, through education. Within a few years, other Tables were founded in North, Central, and South America and they felt the need to become united. In 1944, all Tables met in Mexico City and established the Alliance of Pan American Round Tables.  This is the executive international body under which all Tables function.

Through the years, the structure of the Alliance has been modified in order to be able to better coordinate the activities of a growing amount of Tables. The Alliance is divided into 6 geographical areas and there is a Zone Director in charge of each area.  Delegates of the Tables in their jurisdiction elect zone Directors. Delegates of all Tables elect other Board Members.

Twelve Permanent Committees conduct specific duties that facilitate the progress of the Alliance. Each Committee has a Chair, a Vice-Chair and a member from each one of the six Alliance Zones. The Director General appoints chairs and members of Committees.

In 2001, the Alliance was registered by the Organization of American States (OAS) as an organization of Civil Society, able to participate in activities sponsored by the OAS. Since then, Alliance Delegates have attended important hemispheric events, such as Summit of the Americas and others.

In 2016, we will celebrate the Centennial of the foundation of the first PART in San Antonio, where it all started.  For more information visit OAS and Civil Society.

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Officers of the Alliance of PART’s 2012 – 2014

Elsie Perez, Edinburg, Texas

Eva Manzarraga, Mexico City

Ada Pestana, Contra Costa PART

Las Mujeres Panamericanas!

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